--- perfect fit ---

Trying to make the most perfect fitting jacket EVER for Jade jackets..


--- fashion meets carnaval ---

Totally fashionable in carnaval-style!

The round thing is the cape-style collar :) 


--- pattern cutting for JADE jackets ---

Momently "working" for a starting label  (JADE jackets Amsterdam). They only sell tailored jackets and it's really a challenge to make them perfectly fitting! That's why I made a lot of little one's (1/5th scale) to figure it out.. www.jadejackets.com


--- hiding jewelry under collar ---

Play hide and seek with your jewelry!

Jewelry: H&M, trouser: selfmade, shirt: selfmade

draw the collar in! (and make it big)

all the pieces (back shirt, front shirt, sleeve and collar)

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