--- top ---

Am I the only one who wants to go back to the Spice Girls and wear tops with high-waisted trousers again? And where are my platform-shoes??

too easy to make! (made back and front exactly the same)


--- christmas blouse ---

I'm quite sure my both grandma's would have loved my christmas outfit this year! Yes, I'm traveling back in time lately...
The pattern is the same as the brown chiffon blouse, except the sleeves. That's why it only costed me one evening to sew it :) The collar and the sleeve openings are made of fake-fur.

made from this straight sleeve-pattern a "bishop sleeve" 


--- cowboy bag ---

Do I need to say more? (besides that it's not finished yet, but nearly!) 


--- pantherprint ---

I knowwww... Pantherprint is sooooo 2010... BUT I still like it and I still wear it!!! Made both the shirt (blouse-style) and the skirt. In the back some old cards I bought on a vacation in Sweden. Nice memories:)


--- vest ---

feeling blue while having the flu :( Found this old selfmade vest in my closet!


--- combined fabrics ---

well.. not sure about the design yet.. Maybe I will make a collar or something.. hmmm....


--- chiffon blouse finished ---

Allright, I won't lie: I'm proud of myself! This was the most scary sewproject I ever did, but I managed it! I've got a lot of pictures of the whole process so If you're interested: just ask! I also made the black trousers. Love the looseness;) 

Trouser: self made, blouse: selfmade, top under: Monki


--- chiffon blouse ---

Making a chiffon blouse... The fabric is so fragile that i'm worried to screw it up while making the collar and buttonstand... 


--- canteen clothes ---

It might look like a real shop, but it's a canteen with my clothesss @café Atrium, Amsterdam


--- leather skirt ---

Made this skirt a year ago, but I still like it! Made a braid to fancy it up.
coat: self made, shoes: vintage, skirt: self made, shirt: vintage


--- green jacket ---

Making a new jacket out of left-overs.. Not sure if I'm ever going to wear it.. But first have to finish the waistband! 


--- love trousers ---

Actually, I wasn't planning of making this trousers.. Bought this fabric (cheap, only 5 euro) just to try if I made a fitting pattern.. And what a relief, it does fit me! If you're interested in how I made the pattern: just ask! I can put some pictures of it on this blog too (no idea of someone's interested though..).


--- wings! ---

Make some wings and fly away! (with shoulder pads)

dress: selfmade


--- sweater ---

Here's a sweater I'm making. Made this one also with the seam in the underarm (like the blue shirt) and used shoulder pads to make the shoulders bigger. Hope u like it!


--- tribute to Chanel ---

I totally lost myself in Photoshop.. I'm making a skirt in the same fabric soon :)

vest: self made (reversible), short: warehouse, shirt: h&m


--- glow in the dark zipper ---

It really was a shock when I walked through the night... I didn't knew I bought a glow-in-the-dark zipper! 

Skirt: self made, shirt: vintage
photo taken by Amma Mensah


--- haberdashery ---

I need to bring a lot of haberdashery to the course next week.. With all the stuff lying on my table I thought: why not take a picture of this mess for you.. You're welcome;)  


--- suede short: finally finished! ---

short: self made, shirt: self made


--- trousers ---

Made this trousers out of a Burda-magazine.

trouser: self made (burda), shoes: shoebaloo
Photo taken by Amma Mensah


--- denim short ---

I've made this short about two months ago. First made a zipper but then found these golden button's! I really love the combination with my denim jacket.. Hope you like it too! 

short: self made, shirt, gina tricot
photo taken by Amma Mensah


--- suede short: in progress ---

Momently I'm making a short of suede-like fabric (suedine). Hope to have it finished next week because I want to wear it while it's still summer! 


--- pleated denim jacket ---

I'm momently living in this self made denim jacket..

Photo taken by Amma Mensah


--- freak up your legs in a velour legging ---

If you ever see furniture standing outside... Go sit on it!

legging: self made, shirt: monki, jacket: warehouse, shoes: dr. martin
Photo taken by Amma Mensah


--- it's a furly world ---

This fur is fake, so don't throw paint at me!

fur coat: self made, short: warehouse,
panty: pieces, shoes: newlook
Photo taken by Amma Mensah


--- s s sewfreak ---

Sewing isn't freaky, it's sewperfreaky!

My history: I started sewing about four years ago by making a pair of underpants out of an old t-shirt (why god, why!). It was not wearable at all.. After this first disappointment I became really motivated and started making shirts, skirts and trousers. First ones without zippers, pockets, collars or anything "difficult". Now, I'm still learning how to make clothes, but I can finally wear my own clothes without people looking at the crooked seams.. They only stare at my freaky appearance! And yes, that's a step forward!

So, are you a sewfreak too? Let's start a freakshow later! But first: Leave A Comment!
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