--- chiffon blouse finished ---

Allright, I won't lie: I'm proud of myself! This was the most scary sewproject I ever did, but I managed it! I've got a lot of pictures of the whole process so If you're interested: just ask! I also made the black trousers. Love the looseness;) 

Trouser: self made, blouse: selfmade, top under: Monki


--- chiffon blouse ---

Making a chiffon blouse... The fabric is so fragile that i'm worried to screw it up while making the collar and buttonstand... 


--- canteen clothes ---

It might look like a real shop, but it's a canteen with my clothesss @café Atrium, Amsterdam


--- leather skirt ---

Made this skirt a year ago, but I still like it! Made a braid to fancy it up.
coat: self made, shoes: vintage, skirt: self made, shirt: vintage
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