--- top ---

Am I the only one who wants to go back to the Spice Girls and wear tops with high-waisted trousers again? And where are my platform-shoes??

too easy to make! (made back and front exactly the same)


--- christmas blouse ---

I'm quite sure my both grandma's would have loved my christmas outfit this year! Yes, I'm traveling back in time lately...
The pattern is the same as the brown chiffon blouse, except the sleeves. That's why it only costed me one evening to sew it :) The collar and the sleeve openings are made of fake-fur.

made from this straight sleeve-pattern a "bishop sleeve" 


--- cowboy bag ---

Do I need to say more? (besides that it's not finished yet, but nearly!) 


--- pantherprint ---

I knowwww... Pantherprint is sooooo 2010... BUT I still like it and I still wear it!!! Made both the shirt (blouse-style) and the skirt. In the back some old cards I bought on a vacation in Sweden. Nice memories:)


--- vest ---

feeling blue while having the flu :( Found this old selfmade vest in my closet!


--- combined fabrics ---

well.. not sure about the design yet.. Maybe I will make a collar or something.. hmmm....

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