--- green jacket ---

Making a new jacket out of left-overs.. Not sure if I'm ever going to wear it.. But first have to finish the waistband! 


--- love trousers ---

Actually, I wasn't planning of making this trousers.. Bought this fabric (cheap, only 5 euro) just to try if I made a fitting pattern.. And what a relief, it does fit me! If you're interested in how I made the pattern: just ask! I can put some pictures of it on this blog too (no idea of someone's interested though..).


--- wings! ---

Make some wings and fly away! (with shoulder pads)

dress: selfmade


--- sweater ---

Here's a sweater I'm making. Made this one also with the seam in the underarm (like the blue shirt) and used shoulder pads to make the shoulders bigger. Hope u like it!

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