--- suede short: in progress ---

Momently I'm making a short of suede-like fabric (suedine). Hope to have it finished next week because I want to wear it while it's still summer! 


--- pleated denim jacket ---

I'm momently living in this self made denim jacket..

Photo taken by Amma Mensah


--- freak up your legs in a velour legging ---

If you ever see furniture standing outside... Go sit on it!

legging: self made, shirt: monki, jacket: warehouse, shoes: dr. martin
Photo taken by Amma Mensah


--- it's a furly world ---

This fur is fake, so don't throw paint at me!

fur coat: self made, short: warehouse,
panty: pieces, shoes: newlook
Photo taken by Amma Mensah


--- s s sewfreak ---

Sewing isn't freaky, it's sewperfreaky!

My history: I started sewing about four years ago by making a pair of underpants out of an old t-shirt (why god, why!). It was not wearable at all.. After this first disappointment I became really motivated and started making shirts, skirts and trousers. First ones without zippers, pockets, collars or anything "difficult". Now, I'm still learning how to make clothes, but I can finally wear my own clothes without people looking at the crooked seams.. They only stare at my freaky appearance! And yes, that's a step forward!

So, are you a sewfreak too? Let's start a freakshow later! But first: Leave A Comment!
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