--- little seam book ---

My little seam-book! Handy and Cute! 


--- designing from sketch ---

This time I finally started with sketching and not with picking out the fabric first! Bit Proud! Well, didn't exactly made it like my sketch, but it's a start! ( o and not finished at all...) 



--- loose collar ---

Yes, I am obsessed with collars.. Made this loose collar with studs to fancy up boring shirts. 

Just fold the pins. 


--- where did my inspiration go? ---

Sometimes you do need some inspiration. I find it by looking in old magazines and making a mooooodboard. And today I found out that momently my mood is Brown & white. O and those Bishop-sleeves are Perfect!

Old magazines (most from the Dutch Elle dec. 2011)


--- two-piece shirt collar ---

Ha! Finally made a "real" collar!

the collar from the back
two-piece collar

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