--- glow in the dark zipper ---

It really was a shock when I walked through the night... I didn't knew I bought a glow-in-the-dark zipper! 

Skirt: self made, shirt: vintage
photo taken by Amma Mensah


--- haberdashery ---

I need to bring a lot of haberdashery to the course next week.. With all the stuff lying on my table I thought: why not take a picture of this mess for you.. You're welcome;)  


--- suede short: finally finished! ---

short: self made, shirt: self made


--- trousers ---

Made this trousers out of a Burda-magazine.

trouser: self made (burda), shoes: shoebaloo
Photo taken by Amma Mensah


--- denim short ---

I've made this short about two months ago. First made a zipper but then found these golden button's! I really love the combination with my denim jacket.. Hope you like it too! 

short: self made, shirt, gina tricot
photo taken by Amma Mensah

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